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About Us

The New Year 2021 is arriving soon - few of us will miss the tumult of 2020. Tired of the word "unprecedented", I would love a bit of "Normal", though I expect it will not be the same as prior years.  I have spun new yarn nearly every evening since March so there's a lot to choose from. 
Haven't been active with printmaking, so some art may be close to "out of stock". 
I have been very happy working and living at my home studio "Cellarbrook Farm" for 20 years.  It's been joyful to welcome friends and customers to see what's new, to select a gift, to find just the perfect bit of handspun yarn for a project, and to chat about life and art.
Covid-19 has put the brakes on that life. We "elderly" are advised to quarantine and only go out for necessities.  In an era of caution every show and sale I had planned from the NH Sheep & Wool Fest to the League of NH Crafts Sunapee Fair and the Cocheco Quilt Fair are cancelled.  I kept busy and created a vast collection of new handspun yarns over the winter months and have built inventory in anticipation of those shows...so now we are not likely to be "normal" for the foreseeable future, and I have determined to launch an on-line store to offer my works to loyal customers I consider to be old friends and to the wider world as well.
I invite you to explore here and hope you'll find something to brighten your day, enhance your own cocoon, or delight your fingers as you work some new knitted or woven project.  Thanks for stopping by this site even though we can't be face to face.